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1. Pick The Perfect Math Adventure

Pick the age group subscription option best for your child to start having fun with math! You can switch levels at any time!

2. Fun Lessons Delivered Monthly

Each month students will get a colorful Workbook and Scorebook. Each filled with self-guided learning activities that follow and surpass standard school curriculum to give them confidence in math.

3. Correct And Learn!

Student corrects mistakes using the Scorebook with limited adult supervision. You can also submit any questions you have and our team will answer promptly!

What's Inside?

10 units in each level. Each box has one unit including a Workbook and Scorebook.

Over 400 Pages of education per Level!

age 4-6

Level 1

age 7-8

Level 2

age 8-9

Level 3

age 9-10

Level 4

age 10-12

Level 5

Level 1

  • Gain confidence in Math early on
  • Learn how to count without fingers
  • Learn to Add and subtract 1's & 10's
  • Learn different patterns and shapes
  • Solve logic problems and probability
  • Learn to Tell time and count change

Level 2

  • Start multiplying & dividing without using a calculator
  • Learn geometric shapes, Roman numerals, & patterns
  • Add and subtract four digit numbers and solve Sudoku
  • Solve different logical problems and learn bracket rule
  • Angles, line of symmetry, congruent shapes, perimeter

Level 3

  • Start to multiply and carry & multiply by 10 and 11
  • Understand order of operations & multiply 3 digits
  • Learn about different fractions and division patterns
  • Understand probability and solve logical problems
  • Learn about 3D shapes, faces, edges and vertices
  • Learn metric length & measure an area of a shape

Level 4

  • Division by multiplication & divide with remainders
  • Through word problems learn how to count money
  • Find the rule of a pattern and use logical reasoning
  • Learn factor trees, prime and composite numbers
  • Understand greatest common factor and decimals
  • Learn to solve radius, diameter, area, and volume

Level 5

  • Learn exponents, square roots and exponential form.
  • Add & subtract unlike fractions. Solve logic problems.
  • Solve word problems using many different strategies.
  • Inverse operations, positive and negative integers.
  • Theoretical probability and experimental probability
  • Explore rate of change (slope) of a linear relationship.


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Why Choose Our Books


  • Made by a math PhD, learning experts and teachers
  • Tested by school children
  • An entire private school who used these books scored above provincial standards in math
  • Follows core curriculum for each age group and covers gaps


  • Stimulates logical, creative, and critical thinking
  • Trains mental math skills and memory
  • Helps to accelerate past school peers
  • Reduces stress in school
  • Kids measure their success using the Scorebook


  • Colorful and fun characters
  • Creative learning activities
  • Delivered to your door
  • Online video tutorials and fast customer service for any question


  • Books develop writing and reading skills better than digital
  • Books teach in the same format tests will be given, thus giving more confidence in the classroom
  • Books reduce screen time and combat ADHD and ADD unlike digital mediums

About Us

We Believe Math Changes Lives

Our mission is to give all children the education they need to achieve their best future.

To achieve our mission we have carefully developed Discovering Learning's math booklet system to be the most effective and fun math learning system out there. We have tested our booklets over many years at a private school founded by a University of Toronto researcher with extensive teaching and research experience in multiple countries. It was so amazing to see our students achieve the highest standardized test score in the region using our books. We wanted to make these tools available to help all students achieve the same success. The future is changing rapidly and we want to prepare kids to excel because math and critical thinking skills are the future of success.
Best of all your kids will have fun and develop a true passion for math.

Our Community of Math Adventurers

See why students, parents and teachers all love Discovering Learning

The booklets are colorful and fun to do. I love doing them at school and at home. The characters in the booklets help me with instructions. Math is fun and now I get good grades on tests.

- Maya (8 years old)

The math books present concepts in a logical, intuitive sequence which allows students to build on what they have learned previously. Students progress easily from simple to more complex ideas enabling them to develop their mathematical schema in an organic, fun and supportive way.

- Cristina (3rd grade teacher)

My child started with Level 3 booklets because of previous difficulties at school. It was exciting to see the joy on my sons face when we opened the box and read the letter for the 'student.' I read the parent guide and was ready to start. After just 3 weeks I can see improvements in his work habits and willingness to do his daily minimum required pages. It's really a fun process and we both look forward to it each time.

- Olga (Parent of 8 year old)

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Studies confirm what we all know, that early success in math increases future success in creative contributions and leadership in important jobs. *