Frequently Asked Questions

About the Booklets

A mathematician who is also a Physics PhD reseacher at the University of Toronto and the founder of a Private school (Preschool to Grade 12).
To provide the tools needed to study and learn independently. The goal is for kids to love math through adventure, fun, and excitement.
Yes, since 2012 our preschool and elementary students have been using these booklets.
Students gain a certain appreciation for their own work when they find and fix mistakes. It develops attention to detail, and an understanding that it is OK to make mistakes as long as we correct them and learn.
It's important to start at the right Level to avoid a difficult start. At a natural pace your child will want to do more and more of these booklets and in return plenty of math knowledge will be gained along with other skills that we talk about.


When they are capable of reading a book/simple instructions.
Yes, make sure to start from a Level that is suitable for your child. An easier Level will motivate them and eliminate potential gaps.
It will strengthen your child's knowledge and will train a variety of skills that regular textbooks do not. In addition it will add a fun aspect to learning.
Your child can go at his/her own pace without any pressure. The lessons and explanations are in simple language and very direct with plenty of practice available. If further help will be required to understand a topic, you may submit a question and we will post a YouTube video explaining the page.
Simply let your child open a box, read the letters, and open the book to start enjoying the process. The colorful covers and inside of the booklets will indulge them automatically.
There are no requirements. Let your child start with a Level that will be easy and fun to complete. At a natural pace they will reach more complicated materials.
Normally our students start at 4, but we had children who were capable of reading earlier so they started sooner.
We do not have sample booklets. You may place an order and cancel the subscription if you will not be satisfied.
There are 10 Units in each Level. Currently, we have 5 Levels and more are in development.
You can only choose between Levels. Any Level you pick, you will receive the 1st Unit. To avoid learning gaps and breaking the flow of the booklets we do not have the option to choose a Unit.
Roughly one month. On average students complete a booklet in 3-4 weeks depending on how much time is spent each sitting.
Aside from the thouroughly planned out education program to develop mental math and independent learning skills, the books are very fun and colorful unlike the black and white textbooks. They are fresh booklets each month rather than a thick textbook that is discouraging from the moment you pick it up.

Using the booklets

Letters for both the child and parent(s) are provided to make the process simple.
The best way is to start with 10-20 minutes (2-3 pages each time) 4-6 days per week (depending on your child's ability.) It's important not to overload and make sure they absoarb the material one step at a time.
There is a test at the end, but there are also Checkpoints throughout the booklet at which you can review your child's work by overlooking the scorebook. You can ask some questions and have your child re-call certain things that they were working on. There is also a self-test that covers the content in the booklet, which prepares the child for the actual test that will be completed the following day on a fresh mind.
The explanations in the booklets are very simple but if further help is needed we provide online support. You may submit request for explanation with the Level, Unit #, and page number and a YouTube explanation video will be posted.
The booklet avoids constant repetition to prevent boredom. There is a large variety of problems and different exercises that continue to excite and challenge the children. Completing a booklet and expecting the next one is very exciting for them as well.
The next booklet will arrive 1 month later. If your child finishes faster, we can email extra practice materials to keep them active during the wait.

Order Changes and Requests

Orders begin processing beginning of April, 2018.
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Yes, there is a one-time gift it option.
You can only choose between Levels. Any Level you pick, you will receive the 1st Unit. To avoid learning gaps and breaking the flow of the booklets we do not have the option to choose a Unit.

Payments and Pricing

Monthly- $39.95/mo, 5- month one time payment of $179.75, 10 months- one time payment of $305.00. Gift it option- one time payment of $49.95 (all in USD.)
You may purchase through our secure portal using a Credit card or paypal.
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Refunds and Exchanges

Yes, you simply ship it back to our Amazon storage facility.
If the book was not used, we will offer a refund upon return of the product.
If the book remains in unused condition and the product is not damaged we will return the funds.

Shipping and Delivery

E-mail for details.
You do not pay additional fees for the order.
Yes, you will be able to track your order.
You recieve shipping by Amazon free of charge.
They are shipped by Amazon from Dallas, Texas.