Level 3

  • Start to multiply and carry & multiply by 10 and 11
  • Order of operations and multiplying 3 numbers
  • Learn about fractions & division patterns
  • Learn metric length and measure an area of a shape
  • Understand probability and solve logical problems
  • Learn 3-D shapes, faces, edges and vertices

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Math 3-1

  • Add and "carry" (two times)
  • Learn about Roman numerals
  • Review multiplying by 0's, 1's, 2's, 3's, 4's and 5's
  • Learn how to multiply by 6
  • Learn to fill in the table by following the rule
  • Solve inequalities
  • Find and create a line segment with a given distance
  • To "borrow" and subtract (two times)
  • Practice word problems
  • Learn to write a number in expanded form
  • Learn to multiply three digit numbers

Math 3-3

  • Learn more about bar and linear graphs
  • Review related addition and subtraction facts
  • Learn to multiply by 8
  • Learn to multiply by 10 and 11
  • Work on multi-step word problems
  • Learn to write bigger numbers in words
  • Learn what a product is
  • Learn to write numbers in expanded form

Math 3-5

  • Learn different division signs
  • Learn related multiplication and division facts
  • Learn division patterns
  • Learn what are the dividend, divisor, and quotient
  • Review the order of operations
  • Review place values
  • Solve logical problems

Math 3-7

  • Review the order of operations
  • Review division patterns
  • Review some math terms
  • Learn to make a shape with the given length
  • Find the perimeter of the shapes
  • Learn translation, reflection, and rotation
  • Learn more about fractions
  • Learn equivalent fractions

Math 3-9

  • Learn polygons
  • Learn to measure angles
  • Learn how to double numbers
  • Learn how to find half of a numbers
  • Learn more time facts
  • Learn analogue and digital time

Math 3-2

  • Learn about polygons
  • Review the perimeter of a polygon
  • Learn ordinal numbers greater than 10
  • Learn how to multiply by 7
  • Learn multiplication and division facts
  • Learn the order of operations
  • Learn about equations
  • Solve logical problems
  • Find place values for numbers greater than 1,000

Math 3-4

  • Write cardinal and ordinal numbers in words
  • Learn mental math skills
  • Add and "carry" three-digit numbers
  • To "borrow" and subtract three-digit numbers
  • Learn to multiply by 9
  • Solve equations for the unknown letter
  • Learn the square of a number
  • Multiply and "carry"
  • Multiply numbers ending with zero
  • Solve word problems
  • Multiply three numbers
  • Fill in tables
  • Learn more math terms
  • Learn some time facts

Math 3-6

  • Add from 1 to 14
  • Learn to count by 2
  • Solve logic problems
  • Order numbers from least to greatest
  • Count forward and backward
  • Learn to write numbers from 1 to 10

Math 3-8

  • Learn what a fraction is
  • Learn what numerators and denominators are
  • Review lines of symmetry
  • Add and subtract up to 5 digits
  • Solve the order of operations in advanced problems
  • Practice mental math questions
  • Solve equations with an unknown letter
  • Review multiplication and division family facts
  • Solve logical word problems.
  • Retrieve data from tables
  • Learn about probability

Math 3-10

  • Solve logic word problems
  • Learn how heavy some things are
  • Learn how to convert kilograms into grams
  • Learn how to find the rule and complete the tables
  • Learn "scale" and how to use it
  • Learn 3-D shapes, faces, edges and vertices
  • Solve logic problems